T. Mills

Go where your fans want you

T. Mills fans in Brazil showed that he had a huge following and gathered 6K demands across the country asking for a show. Not known by local promoters, with that info T. Mills was able to perform two shows, in Rio and São Paulo, the second one being sold out with 1.4K fans present.

Jack & Jack

New Market Entrance

Jack & Jack identified significant demand in South America, booked additional dates for their tour and sold tickets directly fans that demanded them. This marked WeDemand’s first Fan-Driven Tour.

Dolan Twins

Tour Planning

Social creators generated over 175k demands in a week to help plan their tour and sell Meet & Greet tickets to fans in 20 cities across the US.

Kian n JC

Global Ticketing

YouTube celebrities booked a worldwide tour and sold Meet & Greet tickets for over 30 events across 9 countries.


Fan Driven Promotion

One superfan in Germany promoted a WeDemand hashtag, which launched a campaign that gathered enough Demands to propel a ten-date European tour. Influential fans in Brazil and Chile also brought Cimorelli to South America for five dates.

The XX

Fan virality increases ticket sales

600 tickets were pledged in less than 12 hours, simply by contacting all fans that had demanded The XX in Rio. Through the backstage area on WeDemand, we were able to see that the 10 most engaged fans generated 300 ticket sales for the sold out show through their social media posts.

Lindsey Stirling

Gather your fans and own the relationship

With only two Facebook posts and two tweets, Lindsey Stirling was able to gather 17k demands. The 5k demands in the US and Mexico resulted in 760 tickets sold when those fans were alerted about upcoming shows in their area.

Trey Songz

Smarter routing

Kevin Liles, CEO of KWL Management used WeDemand to route Trey Songz's 2014 tour based on demands from fans. Liles was able to track and predict fans' behavior and WeDemand fits perfectly into his expansion plans.


Pop-up Shows

Solange initiated a crowdfunding campaign with WeDemand and was able to confirm a pop-up show within 24 hours at Le Belmont in Montreal.

Olan Rogers

Engage with Fans in New Ways

Olan Rogers, a massive YouTube star, was looking to meet his fans but had no touring experience. His Demand campaign generated enough demands to organize a Movie Night Meet & Greet so he could engage with his fans in a live setting.

Cat Empire

More tickets sold, leading to more revenue

A single fan from Rio was able to gather more than 1k demands for The Cat Emprie, grabbing the attention of the band’s agent. After selling 500 tickets in crowdfunding campaigns that lasted only four days, shows in Rio and São Paulo were confirmed. With 2.4k attendees combined and a net revenue of $22k for the artist, the shows were a success.


More tickets sold, leading to more revenue

Switchfoot asked their fans to help them decide where they should go on their upcoming fall tour. In four weeks, 10k fans demanded shows across the US. The band used this info to book shows in two cities they had never performed in before. The WeDemand campaign also allowed them to negotiate better rates with promoters and to maximize their profit.


Reward Fans with Unique Experiences

AJR’s used WeDemand to promote their new album “Living Room” by playing an exclusive show for their superfans. AJR used the platform to organize a Demand campaign and awarded the most influential fans with a special show in their living room! Top Fans generated hundreds of demands.

Cody Simpson

Reward your top fans with free tickets or passes

Cody Simpson and Scooter Braun Management are always looking for new ways to engage the fans. They are doing that by giving away a free meet & greet pass to the most influential fan in each city of Cody’s upcoming tour.

Les Déferlantes

Festival Lineup Curation

Les Déferlantes, a music festival in the south of France, ran a Demand campaign to identify local talent that should play in the festival. 20 local bands generated 8k demands, and the Top 5 bands won slots at the festival.